Bespoke Kitchen furniture for years – how to design quality bespoke kitchen furniture?

Most of us buying a kitchen once in a few or even a dozen or so years. What to look for when choosing furniture to serve us reliably throughout this period? Quality of materials, assembly methods and interior fittings. These are some of the most important factors in determining the quality, durability and comfort of furniture. 

Let’s take a closer look at the kitchens.

Materials: wood, veneer and lacquer

One of the best furniture materials is wood. Indeed, the furniture made of  it can be used for many years, but to do so requires special care and regular impregnation, that protects them from damage caused by water vapor. In addition, wooden furniture is expensive. If  we value the natural charm of wood, but we are afraid of embarrassing care, we can choose veneered fronts, which are covered with natural wood veneer. They have a unique drawing with visible grain and knots, and are durable and much less demanding in everyday use than wood. An interesting proposal will be found in the offer of a GK Kitchens furniture manufacturer.

Lacquer fronts are also very popular. In this case very important is the quality of the varnish, the number of layers and application technique. Low quality varnished fronts can over time begin to unsightly scaly. As consumers we have limited control over the way furniture is produced and the quality of the materials used, but important advice here is the certificates and often the price. High quality furniture that will serve us uninterrupted for years will usually be more expensive – in this case, we pay for durability, safety in use, the use of the latest production technology and the use of the highest quality materials.

Assembly and production technology

However, even the best materials will not guarantee the durability of the furniture if they are not properly made. The way of realization and assembly of all components has a great impact on its quality. The highest precision and accuracy is ensured by the automation of production, based on computer controlled machines. Why? The machines allow for perfect fit of all elements, for example thanks to the computer controlled edge, furniture boards are cut with great accuracy and perfectly adhere to each other. This eliminates gaps whereby moisture can penetrate the inside of the furniture causing damage (such as delamination of individual elements, non-aesthetic bulges on the fronts or bodies, and other damage to which the furniture is exposed during prolonged use).

Type and maximum drawer capacity

Every kitchen, regardless of size, must fit a large number of items. For most of us, we should plan a place in the drawers to keep the worktop free. offers us innovative drawers with a load capacity up to 50 kg which is characterized by stable and smooth work even at full load. Thanks to its high capacity and load capacity, we can store even very heavy items, such as water welds.

Why is the maximum drawer capacity so important? If we put things in the drawer with more weight than allowed by the manufacturer, we will quickly damage the drive system. As a consequence, the storage compartments will be difficult to open and close, the bottom of the drawer or the back of the body can be pushed down. At that time, such development will be very fast requiring replacement.

We can add more points to the list above. However, the type of material, the precision of manufacture and assembly, and the quality of the drawers and drive systems are crucial to the sustainability of any kitchen unit.