Why Choose Made to Measure Wardrobes

Increasingly, made to measure wardrobes replace those that are free standing, as they make better use of space. Bespoke wardrobes adapts perfectly to the wall or recess dimensions. This gives you more storage space. In addition, made to measure built-in wardrobes allow to build unusual recesses – among others. In the attic, under the stairs or in the corner.

The size of bespoke cabinets also allows you to preserve more order and hide what we do not want to show. The built-in wardrobes also allows us to customize the interior to your individual needs, as the layout of its interior, the number of shelves, etc. depends entirely on the customer.

Cabinets & Doors

Custom cabinets built in recesses consist of the outer part, that is the door, and – depending on the type of recess – of the side walls as well as the interior, ie shelves, rods, hangers and baskets. The recessed cabinet door can be slideable, folded or tilted.

Recently, the most common solution is sliding doors because they do not need an extra space when opening, so they are suitable for narrow corridors or small wardrobes.

The weight of the door rests in them on wheelchairs that are hidden in the middle of the ram. For a ride system to work properly, the weight of a single wing should not exceed 60 kg. This requirement also affects other door parameters such as height and thickness. Their height should also decide comfort – it is better to mount two smaller wings than to move one larger and heavier at the same time. For this reason, wings of the width of 0.45-1.2 m are most commonly used.

The thickness of the door depends on the type of filling. The mirror is heavy, so it makes it a door 4 mm thick, while the leaf from a much lighter laminated board is already 10-18 mm thick. Sliding doors are sometimes fitted with special shock absorbers, also called self-closing devices, which slow down and gently close doors. This prevents damage to them as well as pressing the palm through the wing. Sliding doors may have the disadvantage that at the moment of opening one wing we do not have access to the other part of the cabinet. This problem does not exist in the case of folding doors that can be divided into several smaller wings that are easily folded. However, the high price of fittings makes them not very popular.

How to order

How to order a wardrobe: The first step is to apply to GK Kitchens – the company that make cabinets to order and arrange for measurements.

Then the company representative will come to us to measure exactly the niche and estimate the cost of the cabinet to the size. This pricing is non-binding. You can also choose to size your wardrobe online, but it will not guarantee that we have accurately measured the niche and included any curvature. The company also performs a project, so before that we should think about how we want to divide the interior of the cabinet. From this will depend on the number of shelves, their height, location, etc. If we already decide on a particular company, we will sign a contract with it. On this occasion, an advance payment is usually charged.

Ordering takes a minimum of two weeks, but may take a little longer if we fill the fronts with less popular material.